About is the home for Securizant OS, a security cognizant operating system built upon GNU/Linux.

Securizant OS represents a rethink of the traditional design of a GNU/Linux operating system. Major differences include:

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3rd September 2006
The Securizant Linux project is pleased to announce the first public release of Activate, a tool for managing symbolic links. Activate is used extensively during the Securizant OS build process to activate software packages into the system namespaces (/system/software, and /local/software).

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Securizant POC Core

Release Linux Kernel Runtime
2008.22 GNU 2.3.4

Securizant POC Desktop

Release Linux Kernel Runtime Window System Print support Connectivity
2008.21 GNU 2.3.4 XFree86 4.5.0 None None


2009 - Securizant POC Core 2008
The result of years of development - during late 2009 the first publically available release of the Securizant OS will be made available as Securizant POC Core 2008.

2010 - Securizant POC Core 2010
Securizant POC Core 2010 will reflect the design of the 2008 edition but with a significant update of software components.




Activate is a symbolic link manager similar to GNU stow. It is useful for managing symbolic links in /opt or elsewhere.

Download activate-1.0.1.tar.bz2